Pensiero Manifesto is the name of a collective, a group of people who have decided to offer a critical viewpoint on the social and cultural contest to which they belong by using the language of graphics and a peculiar instrument: the poster.
The group comes into being after an exhibition and workshop dedicated to graphic designer Massimo Dolcini and his “Public Service Graphics” curated by Tonidigrigio within the Jes&Co project.
my first project for Pensiero Manifesto
The city, town, street or wall are the very reason and the subject of the communication that we prompt, after a careful process of listening
To stimulate debate, to inspire dialogue, to assert the deeper connection between a city and its inhabitants: this is what we use our voice for.
The poster is the meeting point, a 70x100 diaphragm where private becomes public, where thought goes from individual to collective.
my project for Osa, a group of workers within Sferisterio of Macerata
The collective is by its nature open to new projects and to third party content, it thrives on the encounter between people and the spaces they populate, so here’s how to find us: / Facebook
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