The Diocese of Jesi and the Diocesan Museum, sponsored by the Marche Region,                 the Municipality of Jesi and AMEI - Italian Ecclesiastical Museums Association, present the sixth edition of the exhibition "Bibliapauperum, Art for the Bible".

The Graphic Design class of the International School of Comics was involved in creating the visual communication of this event. What follows is my project proposal.
the poster
Don Vittorio Magnanelli, the creator and promoter of the festival, has characterized the exhibition primarily as an attempt at dialogue with the world of culture - namely, the visual arts.
the invitation, front
the invitation, back
In keeping with this spirit, the event is conceived not as a generic display of religious art: instead, what it proposes are exhibitions centered on the Bible as a great code of Western Culture, in which the participants will freely address certain books or biblical themes.
the catalogue, cover
the catalogue, inside
Here you will find the winning project by my school colleague and friend Giuseppe Sergi.
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